Investing in the Community

We’re excited that a new partnership is forming between OneLife and Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary!

This partnership is emerging from our roles as volunteers with The Pencil Foundation. Tiffany and I have two students each that we tutor every Tuesday at the school. Not only is this a strategic way to disrupt the school to prison pipeline, it also allows us to show our love for the community.   

Reading Tutor Station
The tutoring station…

We also had the amazing opportunity to participate in the school’s Trunk or Treat event. We enjoyed great interactions with parents, kids, teachers, and school administrators. Also, in November we enjoyed a great meeting with the school’s Community Outreach Coordinator (who just happens to be the son of the man after which the school is named. How amazing is that!). After that meeting we found out that there was an opportunity to help a few families of the children from the school with Thanksgiving meals. So that’s what we did! We’re so excited about the opportunities to serve in this context!

Treats for everyone!
Treats for everyone!
Trunk  and back seat loaded with groceries for Thanksgiving meals.
Trunk and back seat loaded with groceries for Thanksgiving meals.

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