Surrender – Must it be so hard?

There was a time when I thought that surrendering to God, to His way, was a hard but necessary occasional act. You do it and get it over with… and on occasion you may come to that place again. Over time and experience I have realized that abandoning myself to God is a continuous and necessarily repetitive act on my part. This has become clearer than ever in the time since Tim and I moved to Nashville. My own plans tend to take over in the daily. My ideas, my thoughts, my worries, my self creeps in and I veer towards a path that is my way instead of His. Many times, unintentionally.

There have been times when just getting to the point of deciding to surrender something in my life to God seemed so excruciatingly painful. Which…it can be hard to surrender. We are still in the flesh after all. I have found though, for me, that the decision to surrender has become easier. Not because I’ve become better or more righteous. Not because I’ve had more practice in surrendering…though I have. I’ve found that it has gotten easier as I’ve come to know my God better and better.

The more time I spend with God and the closer I become to Him, the more clearly I see Him. The more I sit with Him, the more I remember His faithfulness and wisdom when I have gone His way. (Or how things went not so well when I went my way instead.) The more I rest in Him, the more I know His love and desires for me. The more I lean into His heart, the more I feel His good intentions towards me. This. This nearness to God is what continues to make the decision to surrender to Him easier.

Truthfully, the path of His way sometimes seems to get crazier and it certainly doesn’t always make sense to me. It doesn’t usually look like I’d want it to and things don’t go how I think they’d go. But I’ve found (sometimes the hard way) that even if my path for myself is good… His path for me is amazing. I’ve found that when I go His way, peace reigns because He’s in control and I don’t have to be.

His plan for us is above and beyond any plan we could imagine for ourselves. The more of ourselves that we can let go of, the more of ourselves that can be released to live in His abundance for us.

As I have drawn nearer to God, He has shown me glimpses of His vision for my life and it’s not anything I would have come up with. I have no doubt that His view of you is more beautiful than you can imagine and His vision for you might blow your mind a little.

We will have times when His way may seem too scary or foolish. We will doubt what God has said about us, what He said He’d do, that His way is better… even doubt that He’s with us. In these moments we must step closer. Lean in a little further. He will be there. We will remember that He is more trustworthy than the fact that the sun will go down today and come back up tomorrow. Then it will be a little easier to at least decide to let go of whatever we’re holding onto, release it to Him, and surrender to His way once again. His abundantly good way…

~ Tiffany

Sunset with God
The place I sometimes go at sunset to sit and talk with God.

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