Secret Santa!

As we continue to build relationships in our first missional context, God keeps opening up doors for opportunities to serve. The most recent opportunity was the 4th Annual Secret Santa Event at the Nashville General Hospital (NGH), which is literally right down the street from Robert Churchwell Elementary (RCE), the school we tutor at. Here’s how it went down…

We asked one of our new friends, Pastor Enoch Fuzz, founder of One Nashville Community Awareness (ONCA) if he knew of a way to provide Christmas presents to some of the kids at the school. He said “Yes!” We didn’t know it at the time, but Enoch happens to serve on the board at the Hospital, and each year they provide close to 40 kids from the community with a Christmas party, filled with pizza, presents and fun. Enoch asked if I wanted to help register kids for that event. I said “Yes!” So he introduced me to the Hospital staff in charge of the event, and we took responsibility for coordinating the registration of about 20 students from the school to participate. Here are some pictures from the event.

It was a great experience to serve as a bridge between the school, hospital, and local community. This is a great example of how local organizations can come together to make a positive impact on the community. Thank you Pastor Enoch Fuzz, ONCA, RCE, and NGH for being such amazing assets in the community!

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