As we are getting settled in to this new community in southeast Nashville, we have started having a series of conversations around the vision God has given us for OneLife. In short, our vision is this:

We see a transformative movement of discipleship, community, and mission

To explore what this looks like on the ground, we have organized our conversations in this way:

Vision Night #1 – Community For Who?

Vision Night #2 – Community For What?

Vision Night #3 – Building An Extended Family On Mission

Vision Night #4 – A New Wine Skin for New Wine

We are about to have Vision Night # 5 – Discerning Our Missional Context. In this conversation we are going to explore ways for discerning what neighborhood, network, or need that God wants us to adopt, develop advocacy, and advance the gospel in. This process will be saturated in prayer, revelation, and Spirit led obedience. We want to stay in step with what the Spirit is doing, and step into the places he has already been preparing us for. We know the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. So we ask that you start praying with us for two things:

  1. Clarity about what harvest field he wants to send us into
  2. For God to raise up workers to come with us into that field.

We are confident that the Lord of the harvest will show us the right field, at the right time, in the right way.


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