God’s Perspective

Over the first part of this year it has become more and more obvious to me the importance of perspective. More specifically, the importance for me to seek out God’s perspective in life. It’s true that I wouldn’t be where I am or doing what I’m doing without His perspective. Though, recently I’ve felt the Holy Spirit has given me a stronger desire than usual to want to know the perspective of God (Father, Jesus, and Spirit) which I, Tiffany, know I need more of in my life. Tim has also, maybe in a different way, felt an increase in his desire for God’s perspective, often picturing Jesus with him and listening to what He’s saying.

I have felt this desire for divine perspective show up in many ways – from larger world or cultural patterns (often that I find discouraging) to just wanting perspective on how to work through a personal situation or how to relate to a person. So, at times when I was feeling disgusted or discouraged at something in the world, I turned to the Father and saw that He was filled with compassion and love. When I have felt frustrated or grumpy about a situation, I looked and saw Jesus just as jolly as could be. And in each situation… just that glance to look at God and ask what He thinks… it completely changes me – how I’m thinking, acting or reacting, or what I’m doing.

I think we all probably know that we need God’s perspective, but I have never turned to Him this often to seek it in big and small things. I’m realizing that I need to do this even more. When I see His perspective it brings more peace, more hope, more joy, more love, more kindness…wait, this sounds like the fruit of the Spirit. I guess that makes sense because this is who He is. He fills me and the situation with all of these things and more.

I’ll end this thought by sharing a little of Jesus’ heart for this city. One day last month I was praying for Nashville and asked Jesus for His perspective and prayer for the city. I wasn’t feeling down about it or anything negative. I was just praying and wondering what He was wanting and thinking. Here’s what I felt He shared with me…

Unity in diversity.
That bridges will be built between different people groups.
Not for the sake of unification but for the sake of people.
That there will be more paths for all people to walk toward Me…
Toward My love, My power, My peace, My hope, My abundant life for them.
That my Kingdom will reign.
Not for the sake of reigning but for the sake of the people.
That My transformative light can shine into all people
so that they can live into the fullness of their potential.

Yes, Jesus. Yes… that! I know it’s a better prayer than whatever I was praying!


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