I have a confession…
First, the back story. If you’ve read our previous posts, you know how God led us on the path to Nashville, and how He orchestrated putting us in the apartment we are currently in. A seemingly weird but successful way to get an apartment in a prime location! Well, when we dsc_0599-zoom.jpgmoved in, one of the first obvious things was the Parthenon – You can see it directly across the street from our front window.

Quick note about the Parthenon: It’s the centerpiece of our Centennial Park and is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon located in Athens, Greece. Inside is a full scale, 42 ft. replica of the statue of the Greek goddess Athena. For many this is purely ornamental, but we later discovered there are some who sit at the feet of this statue and pray to her. Yes, we talked to a lady at a park event one time who said she does this very thing. So to break it down, this is a goddess temple, and it is certainly not one representing the name of Jesus.

Back to our apartment location. Within the first day or so of moving in, Tim noted he had read that the Tennessee State Capitol is in perfect alignment with the Parthenon. So let’s add this up: our apartment is in direct alignment with the Parthenon, which means our very apartment is in direct alignment with The Parthenon and the Capitol building. We’re on a hill higher than both of those locations so we can see the tops of both buildings. As soon as he mentioned that fact and I recognized it with my Tipsown eyes…something inside me shook and was like “Woah. This has to be significant for some reason.” I knew God placed this exact apartment into our laps as a gift and I knew that it was not a coincidence that it happened to be above and directly aligned with these two major buildings in the city. Notice how the building tips line up in the picture.

This fact boggled my mind and for a long time I kept asking God what was up with this. Why would He place us in this exact spot? I continued to ask but it wasn’t until over a year later that I finally felt like He answered. I was sitting on the front porch one evening praying for the city and talking to God about various things. I once again asked Him about this. Here’s my journal entry from that day:

Me: Why did you place us directly and perfectly aligned with the Parthenon and capital? What is the meaning of this?
Answer I hear: You are more powerful than the principalities and powers. Than the evil spirits and government. You are above all of that. In me, you are greater. Greater than the enemy. Greater than any other force. Greater than those that lead and govern. You, in me, have more power than all of that.

I believe that God set us here, living on this hill situated above and in line with the Parthenon and Capitol to be a constant reminder that there are many powers and authorities in this city but there is not one above Jesus. None greater or more powerful than our God! And the Spirit of God lives within us! This spot was more strategic than I could have imagined, and I have felt the call to pray with the authority of Jesus’ name over and for Nashville and all that influences it.

Here is where my confession comes in. Since the time of this revelation I have not taken full advantage of this strategic location and my authority in Jesus to pray over Nashville and its influencers. Sure, I pray for Nashville regularly concerning many different things, but not to the extent, intentionality, regularity, or intensity that I feel that God is calling me to. This location He has placed us in has been a wonderful blessing. Honestly, we love where we live! However, I want to use this strategic location, in this time, to pray powerfully and boldly for Nashville. Calling on God to reign, to demolish strongholds and barriers that are keeping the city from Him, to do away with evil spirits and powers that are at work, to pray for leaders and influencers, to proclaim His will and name over any other.

So why am I telling you this? Well, I do want to be honest, but also, telling you brings some accountability for me to walk in this calling to pray over the city. I also want to ask you to pray for us that God will continue to reveal to us his desire and heart for Nashville. That we will see His vision for the city and proclaim His power and way here. Yes, we currently have a specific mission in certain areas but there is also a city at large. God certainly has a greater mission for this city as a whole and I believe He wants us to stay reminded and keep our eyes in line with His greater vision.
~ Tiffany

4 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Mom September 20, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    I thank God for your heart!


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