Mission Trip to Houston

Neighborhood Pic 2

We wanted to share an amazing opportunity that we have to serve the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Adam Brown – a friend and OneLife Advisory Board Member – has secured a pickup truck, a trailer, and over 5,000 water bottles from The Ridge Church in Villa Ridge Missouri where he grew up. We  are leaving tomorrow at 4 P.M. with Adam to go and pick up the vehicle and supplies.

Then, on Sunday, we will drive out to Texas where we will join efforts with the Freedom Fellowship Church in Magnolia TX. They are serving as a hub for volunteers and supplies in that area.

Adam owns and operates a home improvement business, so he will be leading us and other volunteers into accessible neighborhoods where the water has receded enough to safely and effectively begin the hard work of restoring homes – things like ripping up carpet, taking furniture out to the side of the road, and cutting out soiled dry wall. The goal is to dry homes out before black mold sets in and permanent damage takes place.

Here’s where you come in. We are asking for donations so we can purchase equipment and supplies for doing the work. Specifically, we are going to buy:

Box Fans – to dry out the homes. These will stay with the homeowners we serve.
Dehumidifiers – these too will stay with the homeowners we serve.
Shopvacs – these will stay with the Freedom Fellowship church staff to resource future volunteers and their work.
Extension Cords – these will stay with either the homeowners or the church staff.
Food – this will help offset our meal expenses during the trip. However, some meals may be provided by the church while we are there.

If you would like to make a donation to help us purchase these items, donate here.

We will return next weekend and plan to post a few pictures of the trip and the items we purchased. Please pray for us as we travel and seek to be a blessing to people who are in the process of recovering from this tragedy. Thanks!


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