Next Steps Update

Thank you so much for helping us serve the residents of Hadley Park Towers!!! We dropped the items off to these sweet ladies in the picture below. They serve the residents there with giving hearts. I’m so glad we got to meet them. We collected enough items for 10 people, yes! We really appreciate everyone who contributed items and money for this! Thank you!!Hadley Park Donations

Last month we sent out an email update listing off some next steps we were going to take. Here is a short update on how it went.

1. Do a police ride along in that area. Tim did a police ride along in the 613 district of North Nashville. It was really insightful to see the community from the perspective of law enforcement. He got to see some of the challenges facing that area in an up close and personal kind of way.
2. Explore volunteer opportunities at the Hadley Park Community Center. We are still exploring opportunities here. We filled out volunteer applications and are waiting for our background checks to be completed.
3. Set up meetings with already existing organizational leaders in that context i.e churches, non-profits, schools/universities, city council members etc. We are still in the process of doing this. We have already met with several church leaders in the area and were encouraged to see some of the things they are doing to serve the wider North Nashville community. There are plenty of people to meet with, in North Nashville, so we will likely be setting up these kinds of meetings for months to come.
4. Develop an intercessory prayer strategy for people and places in that context. Our first step was to schedule times of prayer walking in the neighborhood. Next, using the Lords Prayer as a model, Tiffany developed a prayer that we can use to pray for the North Nashville community. You can read that prayer here.



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