Our Rhythm of Life

Now that we know the exact neighborhood God wants us to start our first missional community in, our next step has been to develop a monthly rhythm of life that will help us live out the story of Jesus in this context. One of the things we see Jesus doing in his ministry is developing the three relationships of UP, IN, and OUT. For example, in Luke 6:12-19 we see Jesus spending time with the Father in prayer (UP). Then he forms a team of 12 disciples (IN). Then they go on mission together to practice and proclaim the kingdom of God (OUT). Using Jesus as our example, we will be organized around developing those same three relationships:

UP: relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit

IN: relationships with people in Christ

OUT: relationships with people not yet in Christ

In order to develop this new rhythm of life, we did two things. First, we got out the whiteboard (yes!) and made a list of ideas for building UP, IN, and OUT relationships. Next, we took some of these ideas and put them on our calendar for the month of June. For example, one of our regular UP activities is to prayer-walk the neighborhood.

One of our regular IN activities is to visit local churches in the area, set up meetings with their leader(s), and discover what kinds of ministries are currently being offered in the neighborhood.

One of our regular OUT activities is playing basketball with kids of all ages at the neighborhood park. The goal is to develop a consistent rhythm of life that spends time building UP, IN, and OUT relationships. Visually, the month of June looks something like this.

June Monthly Rhythm

One of the benefits of developing a monthly rhythm is that it gives us specific activities we can invite people into. Each UP, IN, or OUT event is kind of like a landing point that allows people to orbit into our world and have an “on the ground” experience with us.

We are super excited about how Jesus is continuing to write his story into this neighborhood, and we want to invite you to participate with us in the journey.  As Maragaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” If you want to join a small group of people participating in the mission of the Father, Son, and Spirit to renew all things, let’s have a conversation.


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