Our First Missional Context!

We have good news! In our last post we shared a map and invited you to pray and fast with us as we asked God to bring clarity about where our first missional context will be. After praying and fasting for the month of April we feel like the Spirit has revealed that to us! Yes! Take a look at the map below.

First Missional Context

For detailed demographics on the area, see Census Tracts: 136.01, 136.02, 143, 138, 139. This area is projected to experience a degree of gentrification over time, but currently it’s an under-resourced area in Nashville.

God has already opened a door of opportunity for us to serve at a public housing facility for disabled and senior citizens called Hadley Park Towers. We met with some of their staff and asked them what kind of needs the residents have. They mentioned multiple opportunities to get involved, which we will continue to explore. However, there was one that we felt would be a good starting place in serving this community. Most of the residents are on a fixed income and periodically need help with basic household items like soap, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, etc.

As a way to meet this need, we created an Target House Warming Gift Registry and are inviting people like you to purchase items for donation. To learn more about this opportunity,  click here.

Some next steps for us will be:
1. Do a police ride along in that area.
2. Explore volunteer opportunities at the Hadley Park Community Center.
3. Set up meetings with already existing organizational leaders in that context i.e churches, non-profits, schools/universities, city council members etc.
4. Develop an intercessory prayer strategy for people and places in that context.

That God will open doors for us to serve and add value to this community.
That God will raise up workers for the harvest.
That God will guide us to a person of peace.

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