An Opportunity To Serve

Now that God has given us clarity about where our first missional context is, we are proactively looking for ways to serve the people and places in that area.

Hadley Park Towers

This past week we approached the leaders of the Hadley Park Towers, a public housing facility of the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency of Nashville that houses disabled and elderly citizens in efficiency and one bedroom apartments. We asked them about ways we could serve the residents that live there.

Hadley Park

We ended up having a great conversation with the social worker, and the President – a resident who takes on the responsibility of coordinating various activities and projects for the residents.

They mentioned multiple opportunities to get involved, which we will continue to explore. However, there was one that we felt would be a good starting place in serving this community. They said most of the residents are on a fixed income, and periodically need help with basic household items like soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. We were moved by their request and wanted to do something to provide for some of these basic needs.

Our goal is to donate enough items to meet the needs of 10 residents.  If you would like to participate with us in this opportunity to serve some of the residents in a tangible way, just click on the Target House Warming Registry image below.


How It Works:

When you make a purchase from the Hadley Towers Target House Warming Gift Registry, the item(s) will ship to a local Target Store. On May 19th we will take a picture of all the items we received (post it to the blog) and then close the gift registry. Then we will deliver the items to the Hadley Park Towers residents who have the greatest need.

NOTE: As you go through the check out process, when you come to the order pick up section, select “White Bridge” or “Nashville West” stores for the shipping location. That way you don’t have to pay for shipping costs. We will pick them up at either store location.

Would you consider helping us purchase these items to donate to the residents of Hadley Towers? Thank you for participating in this opportunity with us!


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