Discovering Our Missional Context

It’s been a little over a year now since we first arrived in Nashville (1 year and 3 months to be exact). During that time, God has been growing our affections for the city, the people, and the unique culture that is being created here. We have also become aware of various principalities and powers at work in the city that bring about racial and economic injustice, as well as the dehumanization of people in general. All in all, God has given us a window into some of the forces that are shaping the city for both good and evil.

This email update is a simple request for you to pray – even fast – for us to have clarity about where our first missional context will be. Below is a map outlining an area of 7 square miles around our apartment (the green tear drop).

Catchim Missional Context smaller

This is a really diverse area – ethnically, culturally, and economically. We feel like we are supposed to identify a neighborhood or network of relationships within this outlined area and let that be our first missional context. We do not want to make this choice lightly. We have a vision for incarnating the gospel into multiple missional contexts, but that vision must start among a particular people or place. We want to be Spirit led in all that we do. So we are asking for your prayers to help us have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us.


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